BWC 2011

This page includes additional documents that may be relevant to participants to the Seventh BWC Review Conference.

Daily Reports from the 2006 & 2011 BWC Review Conferences and the annual meetings in between

In conjunction with the BioWeapons Prevention Project, Richard Guthrie has been producing daily reports from the inter-governmental meetings of the Biological Weapons Convention since 2006.

2011 reports:

Earlier reports:


Briefing Notes on the role of Science and Technology reviews in the Biological Weapons Convention

It has become established practice for States Parties to the 1972 Biological Weapons Convention (BWC) to meet every five years to review the operation of the Convention, taking into account relevant developments in science and technology (S&T). Changes in both security and science since 1972 have generated questions over whether this process is fit for purpose. Accordingly, the Harvard Sussex Program is leading a project designed to investigate the process of S&T Review within the BWC and assess alternative proposals and options to improve this process in terms of their technical and political feasibility. The project is funded by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) as part of the Global Uncertainties programme of the RCUK. The new knowledge developed from project will be disseminated through a set of presentations and papers tailored to different communities of practice.

More details of the project can be found at

The following Briefing Notes have been published during 2011:


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